How To Sync Android Note with Gmail

There're lots of free and paid note taking apps for Android. Now we can easily sync our android phone note with the Gmail account totally free. Some of them are using their own cloud service some of them use local storage. GNotes is a free note taking app for android that can synchronize with GMail.

This is just like the SMS backup+ app. All your notes will be saved in the separate label on your Gmail account and skip the Inbox. Apart from that all the saved emails automatically mark as read. So no new notifications.

This app can use XOAuth technology to log-in to your Gmail account. So you shouldn't worry about the privacy and security. In-addition to that you can use your Google account user name and password. You can select one online login method.

Key Features:

• Sync notes with the Gmail account.
• Create folders and easily drag and drop notes within folders.
• Drag and drop icons for easy to use.
• Easily add current data, time just with one tap.
• Create voice notes using build in recorder.
• Create photo note by using a camera, gallery or available file manager app.
• Draw/write notes by using your finger.
• Make paint.
• Import, export notes on the SD card.
• Send notes to friends using available sharing options.
• Attach files.
• Set reminder to note
• Auto or manual synchronization
• Sync only Wi-Fi
• Automatic and manual sync.
• Sort by using time, modify time and alphabetical.
• Change the view order (list and thumbnail viewer).
• Use PIN and pattern protection.

If you need to revoke the G note, Google login permission, you can do it by visiting the Google account page. However after remove permission, this app can't use your Gmail account to sync.

How to sync with Gmail account:

• Install Gnote from the Google play store in here.
• After the installation completed run the app.
• When the app launch, you can see "Setup" button at the bottom of the app.
• Tap it, in the next menu select "Email".
• Email account menu you have two options use XoAuth or prove your user name and passwords. It's better to use XoAuth.
• Tap "Grant" button at the bottom of the app.
• Now web browser will be open, and you will redirect to the Google account.
• Then tap its "Grant" button.
• Now you can sync with your Gmail account.

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