[How To] Return To Stock Launcher After Using Another

launcherThe Android platform is famous for allowing its users to customise pretty much every aspect of their handset design wise and has more launchers than it knows what to do with.

If, like me, you get bored looking at the same old home screen layout all the time or even if you are one of those people who hates to use the manufacturers launcher such as those that come with Sense or Touchwiz then you will no doubt have changed yours at some point to Nova Launcher, ADW Launcher or even have gone all out and bought the fancy pants TSF Shell.

launcherAdding a new launcher is as simple as downloading and installing the app from the Play Store and it changes, in most cases, the look and feel of your device.

With it being so simple you would assume that going back to the default launcher would be the easiest thing ever right? Sadly the answer to this is that it really isn’t as easy or as black and white as adding a new one is.

With most versions of the Android OS you are given the option to make a launcher the default launcher by adding a tick to the dialogue box when you click the home button on your device. Due to this very same option you are now forced to use that launcher all the time unless you either know by default how to get it back or use trusty Google for the answer.

launcherWell fret no more, here are the steps required to return to the stock or choose another default launcher.

1. Open your App Drawer and locate / open the Settings application icon.
2. Locate the launcher app you set as default and click on it
3. Locate the press the Clear Defaults button

When you press your home key now you should now be back to being asked which one launcher you wish to use again.

Via: LandOfDroid