How Mobile Gaming Has Changed and What We Can Expect in the Future

mobile gaming has changed

Some people say that mobile gaming is killing the video game industry, and some people say it is the future of it, but the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle between those two extremes. There will always be die-hard fans of both home and mobile gaming, and then there are a lot of people who will do a little of both.

Mobile Gaming Has Evolved Very Quickly

The people who say that smartphone and tablet games are bad for the industry are doing so because, for the most part, they think the games are terrible. They probably would have said the same about early home computer games too, because they weren't great either. A lot of the love for early video games comes from a sense of nostalgia and wanting to go back in time.
Mobile gaming has come a long way from the days of playing “Snake” on an old Nokia; it was an incredibly simple game, and it was free, but compared to today's games it looks and feels ancient.

The Future

In this wonderful new world full of great gaming technology on both sides of the coin, there is definitely room for both mobile players and home gamers. There is also a new type of experience that combines a little from both worlds in to one package, called a mobile gaming party. One of those companies is The Games Pod, and the way they do things is quite refreshing. They provide a self-contained “pod” that will come to your house or business to deliver the ultimate social multiplayer gaming experience for your friends, family, workmates, or whoever you want to invite.
The Games Pod comes with consoles, TVs, and everything you need for your party, including heating and air conditioning, so all you need to do is order it for delivery and get your people together. Although these mobile gaming parties won't take over phones, tablets, and home gaming, they are offering a new way to play games.

Consoles and PCs Aren't Dead Yet

Perhaps one day the focus will shift more drastically toward mobile gaming, but right now console and PC game sales are still going strong. There have been a lot of huge releases for PC such as Grand Theft Auto 5 from the established developer Rockstar Games, and a recent rise in popularity of independent game developers, that makes it impossible to ignore what some phone junkies would call “old fashioned” gaming platforms.
It is very tough to beat the experience and immersion that comes with playing games on a big screen in the comfort of your own home, which is something that you just won't get by playing a mobile game while you ride the train to work or wait at the bus stop. The sound and the visuals involved in the home gaming experience are what draws people in and makes them feel like they're actually part of the game.
Most of the debate between mobile and home gaming comes down to the personal preferences of the individual. You don't have to choose a side, and there is no good and evil, despite what some would have you believe. Games are made to be enjoyed, in whatever form you choose to do so.