How to Integrate Update Into System And Convert System Apps To User App And Move To SD card For Save Memory

The android operating system has a lot of customizations; however most of the customizations require the root permission. Some android phone manufacture added few 3rd party apps to their devices. Most of the situation, these apps are in the system folder. When these pre-loaded 3rd party apps receive an update, the new version not saved on the "/system/apps/" folder, instead of that, it goes to the "data/app/" folder. So that, your phone has two apk files for the same application (older version and new version). It also decreases your internal memory free space. But we can integrate the new version into the system for save the memory.

Apart from that, some android phone manufacture added useful apps to their handsets for instance "Quick Office". Some of these apps added into the "/system/apps/" folder, and they have large size apk file. So they use big space and also we can’t move them to the external memory. If we can convert them into a system file and move to the SD card, it also save the internal memory.

However like most of the customization, this method we need the root permission,
because of it’s modify the system of our phone. So first root your device and follow these instructions.


Don't convert essential system apps such as "Contacts", "Key pads" to User app, because of it will unstable your phone operations.

How to integrate update into system.

  • Install the "Link2SD" android app in here
  • After the installation completed, run the app and grant super user permission.
  • Tap on the top "Filter button and select "Updated", now it displays all the updated system apps.
  • Tap on the desire app, now you can see "App info" menu.
  • Tap the "Action" button and select "Integrate update into System"
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  • Wait for a few seconds to complete the process
  • After finished the integration, restart the phone.

How to convert system apps into user app.

  • Install the "Link2SD" android app in here, if you’re not followed the above method.
  • After the installation finished, run the app and grant the root permission ( tick "Remember" option)
  • Tap On the top "Filter" button and tick "System" ( see the screen shot)
  • Now select the app that you need to move to the SD card, and tap on it( For example "Facebook, Quick Office etc)
  • Now app info menu will open tap its "Action" button.
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  • In the context menu tap on the "Convert to use app" and tap "OK"
  • Wait for a few seconds and restart your phone for apply the changes.

Move converted app to the SD card.
Before move the app, you need to create a 2nd partition on your SD card. To do that you can use “Minitool” partition windows software.

  • Run the “Link2SD” if you use this app very first time, select the second partition file system. Now it request restart the phone, select “Yes”.
  • After the restart finished, run the “Link2SD” and tap on the converted app in the above method.
  • Now it displays the app info window, under the “Symbolic link” tap “Create link”.
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  • In the “Create link” window, tap “OK” and wait for a few seconds.
  • Now that app completely moves to the SD card.

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