How to Install the Android L Keyboard on older Devices

android l keyboard

Download and Install the Android L Keyboard on any device running Android 4.4.2 or newer.

Since the announcement of Android L and the release of the developer preview there have been many new APK’s released for apps within the new OS and this time we have the Android L Keyboard APK. This has been modded from the developer preview and works on all device version 4.4.2 and up regardless if rooted or not.

What you get with the new keyboard is its new Flat UI design. Below is the same app that Google quickly pulled from the Play Store the other day. Of course it was downloaded and saved before this happened by many in the community.

Pre-Requisite to install the Android L Keyboard

Android L keyboard download apk

Navigate to your installed apps and search for the Google Keyboard LatinlMEGoogle. Once you find it delete it as it cannot be installed when you try to install the new.

Download and Install the Android L Keyboard

  1. Download the Android L Keyboard APK directly to your phone (Download Link)
  2. Navigate to and enable “Unknown Sources” to allow APK installation (generally “Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources”)
  3. Navigate to your phones Download folder and tap the Android L Keyboard APK to run it
  4. Here you can see the permissions of the Keyboard APK, click Install
  5. Wait for it to complete and you will then have the Android L Keyboard

With the developer preview being ripped apart by so many developers we will likely see a lot more APK’s available to get your device looking and feeling like Android L whether you get the official update or not. After you have installed the newest Google Keyboard let us know what you think of it. Also any issues you run into or steps we may have missed would be appreciated in the comments below.

Via: Android-Advice