How to Improve Your HR Team

Regardless of whether you run a large or small business, you need to have an exceptional human resources department on staff, who will oversee a variety of critical issues, such as health and safety, training, internal performance, and employee wellness.

If you want to ensure a department can successfully handle every problem that arises in the business, find out how to improve your HR team with these effective strategies.

Build a Strong Team of Professionals

It’s important to trust every single member of staff in your HR team, as they will be responsible for employees’ salaries, onsite safety, and wellbeing programs.
To ensure you never hire the wrong employee, embark on pre-employment screening to build a strong team of HR professionals.

In addition to reviewing their CV and criminal history, contact their references to confirm their career/academic history and trustworthiness.

Tweak the HR Perspective

Unfortunately, many members of your HR department might feel disheartened in their role, as the team could be viewed as a glorified administrative department.
However, they are so much more than that, as your HR staff are the backbone of a business and are responsible for improving employee morale, processing payroll and providing employees with a safe and secure workplace each day.

It’s therefore important to change your team’s perception of the department. Doing so will not only improve morale, but it will also provide all employees with greater support when they have a problem or question.

Invest in HR and Payroll Software

Help your staff to effectively manage many HR tasks by investing in a single-solution HR and payroll software. Developed for companies with 250+ employees, cloud payroll can help to free up your HR team’s time, as it will allow them to manage all data and processes in one place.

It can help to reduce your HR staff members’ time spent on various administrative tasks, such as reviewing overtime and organizing timesheets, so they can focus on different ways to improve and support the business.

Perform a Gap Analysis

A gap analysis requires you to review your resources to identify where your business is falling short. For example, your staff could be spending time on HR practices that no longer complement your growing business.

As a result, you might need to improve processes and implement new practices to provide your employees with greater support.

For example, you might need to:

  • Provide your employees with better health benefits
  • Update the employee handbook with new policies (check they still align with various employment laws)
  • Offer better training opportunities to improve your employees’ skillset
  • Match rewards to your business performance (Business growth should equal greater employee retirement contributions and bonuses)

Develop Your HR Employees’ Talent

While your HR staff might be busy providing training opportunities for employees across multiple departments, their own career development could be ignored by the business owner.

However, building on your HR employees’ skillset will not only help you to build a talented HR team, but both your business and employees across different departments will benefit from their newfound knowledge and skillset.

For instance, your HR staff will be able to easily recognize talent to provide training opportunities, understand the best employee benefits to attract high-caliber candidates, and can quickly complete HR tasks in a fast, efficient manner.