How to get advantage of your Android Jelly Bean Smartphone?

In the recent times the biggest Android OS updates is Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Almost all Android Smartphones is running on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean version of the Android OS.


You can feel the next generation Smartphone experience with the latest features included in the OS. But do you know several of the best Jelly Bean features are not apparent still you can do awesome things through this operating system. Let's find some of the best features of it. Be with us, and take a giant leap into the mobile market. We will provide you tips and tricks that really helpful to get the most of your Smartphone.

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Below are the numerous new features Enhancements:

  • WI-Fi Direct
  • 1080p video recording for stock Android devices
  • Improved error correction on the keyboard
  • You can directly access the apps from the lock screen
  • Upgraded copy and paste functionality
  • Support for the WebP image format
  • Hardware acceleration of the universal Interface
  • Soft buttons from Android 3.x are now available for use on phones
  • Widgets in a new tab can be separated, listed in a similar manner to apps
  • Folders can easily be created with a drag-and-drop style
  • Launcher Customizer
  • Enhanced visual voicemail with the ability to speed up or slow down voicemail messages
  • Pinch-to-zoom functionality in the calendar
  • Integrated screenshot capture (accomplished by holding down the Power and Volume-Down buttons)
  • Improved voice integration and continuous, real-time speech to text dictation
  • Face Unlock, a feature that allows users to unlock handsets using facial recognition software
  • New tabbed web browser under Google's Chrome brand, allowing up to 16 tabs
  • Automatic syncing of browser with users' Chrome bookmarks
  • A new typeface family for the UI, Roboto
  • A data Usage section in settings that lets users set warnings when they approach a certain usage limit, and disable data use when the limit is exceeded
  • Shut down apps ability that are using data in the background
  • An improved camera app with zero shutter lag, time lapse settings, panorama mode, and the ability to zoom while recording
  • Built-in photo editor
  • You can organize New gallery layout by location and person
  • Refreshed "People" app with social network integration, status updates and hi-res images
  • A near-field communication feature (Android Beam) allowing the rapid short-range exchange of web bookmarks, contact info, directions, YouTube videos and other data
  • Android VPN Framework (AVF), and TUN (but not TAP) kernel module.

How you can Avail Extra Google Now Cards?

Android is under ongoing development by Google and the Open Handset Alliance (OHA) and the company Google is one of the cornerstones of the Jelly Beans experience. Whenever you search, Google Now cards related to your search will pop up automatically! The Google Now cards help you to find appropriate information very quickly but be sure about your search history is not paused.

How you can stop Screen Rotation?

Though the automatic screen rotation is a wonderful feature but sometimes it can be really annoying when you don’t want it like in the video games. When you’re captivated yourself in playing a game then sudden things happens that makes you annoying that is nothing but the feature of screen rotation. This will wreck your chances of winning the game or you might lose the game due to it. It is quite easy to stop the screen rotation by just clicking on the icon of the screen rotation, which is situated in the Notification Shade.

Settings app > Display > Check Box

How to write Your Name and information?

Through Android Jelly Bean, you can ensure your specific name, your information in the owner Info Option by enabling the screen lock from security. No matter, your mobile device has been lost or there are fewer chances to find it.


How to set Wi-Fi in easy steps?

If you have a good smartphone and want to connect with Wi-Fi interactive facility then you may end up a lot of time on the Wi-Fi. You can also burn a big hole in your pocket on the tethering the device. Why should you waste the precious money and the time? You can simply use Jelly Bean’s Hotspots! You can drastically reduce your data usage through Jelly Bean’s Hotspots (it's a cool utility with lots of useful features and customization potential) feature.

How to get Speech-to-Text in Offline Mode?

With Jelly Bean, you can enjoy the decent speech-to-text in a polished and responsive way. For this, you have to download the feature of speech recognition software.

Go to Google Voice type setting > Language and Input > Download offline speech recognition.

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