How to Facetime on 3G Network ?

Apple’s FaceTime is a convenient way to video chat, but it works only when you have access to a WiFi connection. So, if you want to Facetime over 3G network, you will fix the problem on how to turn 3G connection into Wi-Fi signal?

Facetime with iPhone Personal WiFi hotspot

The iPhone running iOS 4.3 or higher have the Personal Hotspot capability running on their devices. Of course, your carrier will need to enable that capability and you’ll probably need to sign up for a special Personal Hotspot data plan, but there is already Personal Hotspot functionality exists in your iPhone.

This means that you could set up Personal Hotspot on one iPhone (running iOS 4.3 or higher) to create your zone of Wi-Fi connectivity, then others can connect their iPhones to your Personal Hotspot. When they do so, they’re connecting via Wi-Fi and can make FaceTime connections.

This is the easiest way to Facetime via 3G network with 2 iPhones, but not the best.


My fellow Eric Lee and I checked it out over my iPhone personal WiFi hotspot. We found that it actually worked quite well, up to a point. If you tried to move the camera much, the image quickly degraded and eventually the FaceTime connection failed. However, when we were simply talking to each other and not moving our phones around (i.e., keeping the background image still), FaceTime worked nicely.

I think it maybe the problem of iPhone Personal Hotspot speed limit: MacBook Pro on iPhone4 hotspot – 1.1Mbps (test). And this data transfer speed is not enough for the video call.

Actually, in some areas and countries the 3G Connection speed is already up to 7.2Mbps, even 21Mbps, but the iPhone Personal WiFi hotspot cannot support these high speeds.

May be Apple wants you to use a real Wi-Fi connection with FaceTime. That is, they want you to be using Wi-Fi with a broadband connection behind it, not a measly 3G wireless connection.

Facetime on 3G network by using a 3G Router

The 3G Router is a kind of Router that has the ability to receive 3G signals with a SIM Card and create Wi-Fi hotspot on the go. That means that anything that works on Wi-Fi — including FaceTime video calling — works over the 3G internet connection provided by the 3G Router WiFi.

The 3G Router is more professional than a mobile phone hotspot like iPhone Personal Hotspot, it has many series which support different data transfer speeds, like 7.2Mbps 3G Router, [url=]21Mbps 3G Router[/url]. This high speed makes play online video game, watch online movies and video call smoothly.

Facetime over 3G in iOS 5

We’ve been hearing that FaceTime will work over 3G in iOS 5 but it will be up to carriers to allow it (like Tethering or VoIP apps). A reader sent in this screenshot (above) which seems to confirm that Apple plans on enabling FaceTime for those carriers that allow it.