How to Ensure Your Next Android Upgrade Is Right For You

android os upgrade

There are so many wonderful reasons to love your current Android phone. With all of the new Android phones coming out, there are more reasons to love these little technological wonders. Here are some tips to help you identify which one is the right one for your next upgrade. Using this information can save you time and help you feel confident in your decision.

See What You Can Afford

You need to know what you can afford when it comes to a new phone. The first thing you should do is to identify the phones that best work within your budget. There are ways you can expand your choices when it comes to price points. Simply get online and go to a site such as Here you will find helpful tools such as a Samsung Mobile Price List. This will help you to find more phones than you may have thought you could afford. According to, now is the time to find to get a deal on a phone that is highly functional, but less flashy.

Finding the Best

There is no one phone which can be identified as being the “best” Android phone. Purchasing an Android phone is equivalent to buying a laptop. You need to find the one which best suits your needs and operates the way you want it to. Figuring out what these traits are will help you find the phone which is best for you specifically, and will help eliminate any anxiety you might have about there being a better phone on the market than the one you are considering.

Eliminate More Anxiety

Keep in mind that phones are built to require upgrades approximately every two years. This means that they are not built to last as long as your computer or tablet. This also means that you do not have to live with a particular phone as long. This can take some stress out of your hunt for the "perfect" phone.

Staying Powered Up

It is important to remember that software can be changed. Instead of worrying about software, you need to put more emphasis on features which cannot be changed, such as battery life. Be sure that you find one with a battery life which is compatible with your daily lifestyle. This will help you avoid a lot of aggravation on the future.

Concern about the Specs

If you're into doing a lot of gaming on your phone, then the spec wars are something you do not need to worry about. The mobile processers found in Android are fast enough for almost anything you require them to do. This is a reality now because 2-3GB of RAM has become a standard. Just a few years ago, desktop PCs didn't have that much RAM!

The Best View

When it comes to phone displays you will see and hear a lot of information about which phone offers the best, but in reality, you don't need to factor this into your hunt. The phones of today have been engineered to offer more pixels than a human eye is capable of processing. This means you have an excellent display screen no matter which one you choose.

What you should take into consideration, however, is the size of the display. Place your focus on the screen size which suits your desires. Think about the size and the fact you will have to maneuver it in your hands every day. Once you figure out the size which will work best for you, you be closer to finding your new phone.

Smile for the Camera

Often people put a lot of emphasis on the megapixels of the phone on a camera. The amount of megapixels has no bearing on how well a camera performs. What determines a camera's performance is how it handles in low light and how it is calibrated. Additional software processing, which is done to the image taken by the phone, is another of the factors that determines how well a camera performs. The best way to determine the level of these factors in a given phone camera is to look at the images it produces.

Additional Features

Two of the features that make Android phones worth owning are the customizable home screen and robust apps, as noted by There are some features which will offer you more in terms of how you specifically you need your phone to perform. Knowing which features you do want before buying is the best way to keep from overpaying for ones you may never use, according to
Use these guidelines and you will be able to get the phone which will work best for you – and make you happy until your next upgrade.