How to edit android phone music files tags.

1The android native music player doesn't support edit MP3 files tags. However some manufacture added that feature, for instance Sony Xperia S. Until now, I have been using my windows computer MP3tag editor. However now it’s not an issue. We can use a 3rd party free app on the Google play store for edit any music file tags.
iTag is one of the best and perfect free tool for edit MP3, M4a, Ogg, and Flac media files information’s. Apart from that, it can grab the album cover art. Unfortunately it’s not supported wav file format.

How to use:


  • First install itag from Google play store in here.
  • After the installation completed, run the app.
  • Main screen you can select how to edit. You can edit tags by using songs or albums. If you select a song, you can edit the individual file, but if you select an album you can modify enter an album.
  • Now tap on the any file.
  • To get the album cover tap, “Lucky cover”.
  • Scroll down to the bottom; now add all the information’s that you need. Add Artist name, album, album artist, genre, year, comment, track number.
  • Finally tap “Save” button.
  • If you need to add selected MP3 file cover art as the album’s default cover tick “Set this coverart as album’s default coverart”.
  • Most of the situation your media player not updates those information real times, so restart the phone, or mounts and unmounts the SD card.

This tool use ID3 tags, some devices have a problem with reading corrupt ID3 tags. If you face similar issues, delete that edited files.


  • Support ID3 tags.
  • Edit media files Title, Artist and Album editor.
  • Quick search files for editing.
  • Preview in player.
  • Quickly import covers with "lucky cover"
  • Support mp3, m4a, ogg, and flac.

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