How to Create a Website and App for Your Business

Businesses operating in the digital age must engage with the technologies that their con-sumers use on a regular basis. In terms of the internet, this means maintaining a well-made website and perhaps creating an app to promote your company and connect with customers in a way that they are used to. But where should you start when planning to create a website and app simultaneously? This article looks at the three main ways in which you can achieve this new-age penetration into the lives of consumers - boosting your brand recognition and sales in the process.

Go it Alone

By far the most difficult of the three options, going it alone will mean that you use the skills and resources already inside your company to help build your website and application. Per-haps you already have some talented software engineers, coders, IT professionals or web de-signers who’re able to help. Maybe you’ll be happy to onboard someone new who can work full-time at your website and app development. It’s only in these two cases that you’ll have the capacity to go it alone - and it can be a long and at times painful process. With out-sourced help, you’ll find that the responsibility for creating a knock-out app and a visually incredible website is in the hands of professionals.


The alternative to going it alone is to find a third party to help make your website and app vision come to life. The unfortunate thing about this method is that it’s often incredibly ex-pensive, and you might find that the editorial oversight that you’re granted is too meager, which means you’ll have paid for a site and an app that isn’t particularly to your tastes. Nonetheless, if you’re pressed for time, this is the avenue you should take; professionals and specialists will know exactly how to present your company in these digital formats in quick turn-around rates - a good bet if your company is demanding a new website in a short space of time. Outsourced web design professionals also know the rules when it comes to SEO-optimal design - a way of attracting more visitors to your site.

Get Hosting

The third and final option is something of a middle ground before going it entirely alone and paying in full for the services of the professionals. By securing smart hosting from pro-viders such as you have total editorial oversight while also enjoying the 24/7 support and help offered by the smart hosting platform. Further, you’re able to bor-row significant chunks of code - sometimes in the form of templates or pre-written parts of your app - which means that the labor involved in creating your website and app is dramati-cally decreased. Finally, you’ll also be able to use smart hosting platforms to create your web-site even if you’re relatively inexperienced in the art of website creation. This makes smart hosting the best option for smaller companies with few skills and little time at their disposal.

If you’re planning on creating a new website and app for your company, you’ll have to choose one of the three avenues outlined above to realize your vision and draw more atten-tion to your brand.