How Businesses Will Use Text Messages in 2020

You can leverage text messages for lightning-fast internal communication as well as highly engaging marketing messages.

Employee workloads are expanding, and a shrinking segment of consumers pay attention to traditional advertising. You can, however, boost worker productivity and reach increasingly tech-savvy consumers by leveraging commercial text messaging.

A commercial chat service can provide your organization with beneficial features beyond text messaging. By choosing a top-notch service provider, you can enable employees to communicate with each other without missing a beat and capture the attention of consumers with increasingly diminishing attention spans.

A Better Way to Work

Enterprise-grade instant messaging enhances worker productivity. The easy to use tool makes it simple to connect with coworkers whenever needed. Depending on their workflow, employees can also access the service wherever needed – whether they’re at a fixed in-house workstation or in the field on their mobile device.

Furthermore, an enterprise-grade chat service, such as 8x8, enables workers to share documents instantly. Staff members can even use commercial chat to share their screens or applications. Internal stakeholders can even set up private chat rooms and host virtual meetings using the service. Also, managers can use their administrative accounts to monitor the status of coworkers.

Building Bridges With Commercial Messaging

Thanks to the widespread use of smartphones, nearly all consumers use text messages. Resultantly, text or chat messaging is the most convenient and familiar method of communication for consumers.

For businesses, chat messaging is a great way to provide reliable, round-the-clock support. The communication tool also enables enterprises to make a more meaningful connection with consumers by delivering concise marketing messages.

A Social Media Week study reveals that over 30% of surveyed respondents use online chat for customer support. For now, most consumers use chat to engage retail businesses. Over the last year, 40% of survey respondents have used chat to engage retailers, which is about double the amount that they use it for all other types of enterprises.

Communicating at the Speed of Business

The most beneficial feature of commercial chat service is speed. The immediacy of chat saves time and money compared to other forms of communication. More speed equals more productivity, and – eventually – more profit.

The longer it takes to acquire new business, the more it costs. By communicating with consumers via text, you can acquire new business for a fraction of the cost related to using traditional advertising channels.