How the Android Ouya console may revolutionize gaming

Whether you are an avid or casual gamer, one console you may have heard about is the Android Ouya. With a tentative release date of June of this year, the Ouya is a fully functional console which will be powered solely on the Android platform. Founded by Julie Uhrman, this system will represent the first major shift for the mobile tech giant into the market which has long been dominated by systems such as Xbox, PlayStation and the Wii. Sporting an impressive lineup of Android games and applications, and with a price tag of just $100, the Ouya has indeed been a major topic in the gaming industry as of late. There are a few key characteristics of this console which could potentially make it a revolutionary product in the market. One in particular is its user-friendly hardware design which allows users to easily perform customizations.

All about Ouya

While durable, the Ouya is conveniently held together by standard screws, meaning it can be opened with ease (unlike its console counterparts made by Microsoft and Sony). You may be wondering why hardware customization has anything to do with the success of the system. In this day in age, people want to have more control of their consoles. They don’t want their gaming experience to be hindered by manufacturer-implemented restrictions. While the concern over piracy is a valid one, this is far from what the developers of the Ouya had in mind. Far from it; they want the owners to be their own developers.

How Ouya is changing the Game (literally)

The system will come standard with a development kit, which basically allows the user to tweak, modify and test their gaming projects without having to worry about licensing fees or limitations. Buyers are by no means being forced to act in this capacity, however, as they can just as easily plug the console in and start playing. Another major shift the Ouya has made is the incorporation of a gaming market; just like the mobile Android market that allows smartphone users to find, download and install a virtually unlimited number of applications, the Ouya will allow its owners to directly stream and play fully functional, online titles (currently about 180).

A different kind of “Mobile Home”

In the simplest terms, Ouya can be considered a hybrid console. It will merge mobile and traditional gaming, which is ultimately its key selling point. If you have ever played an Android game, you know they have lasting replay value. Now customers can get the best of both worlds at a rock-bottom price as far as consoles go. There are many people who believe the Ouya won’t be able to match the quality of its competitors, but that’s far from the point. There are plenty of customers who would gladly prefer to play an Android game.
That being said, this is why Ouya is a revolutionary hybrid.

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