How about a battery that lasts 5 times longer and charges in 5 minutes?


If there’s one smartphone feature that most people would like to see improve, it would be battery-life. With most handsets struggling to last out the day and new technologies such as LTE using even more power, battery life has never been so important.

That’s why startup Prieto Battery plan to sell a new type of lithium-ion battery that lasts up to five times longer than standard batteries with a long life and a superfast charge time. Prieto recently raised $5.5 million in funding to develop the technology.

Prieto’s battery design makes use of a polymer (solid state) electrolyte combined with nanotechnology to allow a greater number of lithium ions to be stored. The technology is still in the development stage so we will have to wait before it reaches our handsets.

Check out this video for a better explanation of how this promising new technology works.

Source: GigaOm Via: LandOfDroid