Halfbrick celebrates two years of Fruit Ninja with impressive stats

You'd be surprised to learn just how much fruit you slice on a daily basis.


Australian developer Halfbrick is celebrating two years of Fruit Ninja today and has some pretty admirable figures to share with everyone. As of today there have been more than 300 million Fruit Ninja players around the world who have logge more than 1.5 trillion (with a 'T") pieces of fruit chopped.

When it comes to slicing more than one piece at a time, users have tallied more than 50 billion combinations! If these numbers sound there's a lot of Fruit Ninja action happening every moment, you'd be right. According to Halfbrick, there is more than 100 years worth of time spent playing Fruit Ninja...every single 24 period.

How much of this blame falls at your feet? Are you a Fruit Ninja junkie? What!? You've never even tried it?

Via: AndroidGuys