Hadur (Lord of War) – New multiplayer game for Android

hadurThe hungarian developer team Synthesis-Net just released their brand new multiplayer conquer game for Android. The developers combined the Foursquare-like „check-in” apps with location based strategy games. In this app you can conquer the territories, by checking in via gps, so it’s uses your real location for the gameplay.

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Territories can only be conquerd by clans, so you have to be a member of an existing clan, or you can make your own, and invite your friends. It has a strong facebook support to make this easy. A clan conquers a territory with the highest number of check-ins, and every player can only check in a territory once a day.

The goal is really simple: conquer as many territories as you can, and be the HADUR (the hungarian word for ’Lord of War’)

The app is in a beta version, so the developers welcome any constructive ideas, just send them an e-mail to support@hadur.eu
You can download the app from Android Market, and you can check the website too.

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