The Growing Tablet Trend Rocks the Enterprise World

tablet for work

Computer tablets are all the craze and we have already entered the era of tablet computing. These modern devices are designed specifically to meet the growing demands of the enterprise and it facilitates to make work easy.

When Apple first launched the iPad, it created a revolution in the mobile world. Since then, many companies have manufactured tablet devices to handle business operations efficiently. Today tablets lovers have a wide variety of devices to choose from in order to make their work smart, efficient, and time- saving.

Businesses are redefining their organizational strategies and adopting the tablet trend to improve workflow. It is reported that more than 22% of the companies in the US have deployed tablets within their organizational set- up and it is expected to rise to 78% by the end of this year.

Tablets and Business

More and more employees bring their own devices to work, so organizations need to plan their strategy accordingly. It is found that tablets enable workers to enhance their productivity and improve their performance. These devices enable to cut down the paper- work and thereby save operational costs.

Computer tablets find its application in almost every business. For retail workers and field staff it is a boon, as it empowers them to deliver effective services to their customers. Physicians and medical professionals use tablets at their workplace for accessing patient history and reports, faster diagnosis, and providing real- time patient care. For more information read this whitepaper of Impact of Tablets on the Enterprise.

From a business perspective, it enables executives to make attractive sales presentations and bring more clients. It works as an efficient business tool that enables to check mail, follow – up important clients on the go, and drive business to newer levels of growth. It becomes easier for employees to access corporate data from the comfort of their homes and get their work done, even in the middle of the night. It plays an important role in accelerating business performance and delivering the best services.

Tablets empower employees in the following ways:

  1. It contributes towards improved customer responsiveness. Also, it enables employees to handle customer queries in an efficient manner.
  2. Plays an important role in the decision making process, enabling executives to take decisions with the help of real- time data
  3. It mobilizes business operations and enables to drive performance in every sector of the organization
  4. Fosters a competitive spirit within team members, driving them to deliver their best towards work goals. At the same time it enables to develop more collaboration among the members.

Tablets extend a robust computing platform and there are multiple applications designed to facilitate a comfortable tablet experience. This paradigm shift in mobile computing creates new opportunities in the enterprise world.

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