(GROUND)BREAKING NEWS - 5 Minutes Break in 'Move Your App Challenge' finalists

Call for Your support

As you may have noticed, we have been quite silent in the last two weeks. No stories, less tutorials and a little pause in spam killing we made. The reason behind was, that we were developing an application in the shadows for the 'Move Your App Challenge' based on the idea of Jamie Oliver, organized by Snaptic and sponsored by TEDPrize, KidsHealth and HopeLab.

We are delighted to announce that our App is in the TOP10 finalists out of 246 registered developers and 40 projects.

Announcement of the winner comes tomorrow. Please consider our app and vote on it if you like it.

Your vote would mean a LOT to us:
Move Your App Finalists

The app is not on the market yet, we will upload it later this week. Until that you may download 5 Minutes Break here:

To download 5 Minutes Break, simply go to the Android Marketplace and search for it.

We took the call "Move Your App" literally and have developed an App that really needs to be moved. The name if the App is: 5 Minutes Break. The idea is to encourage and inspire people working at their desks all day, to regularly stand up and do some simple exercises. To achieve this, we have asked help from the Széchenyi István University - Petz Lajos Institue of Health and Social Studies - Department of Health Sciences - Faculty of Sports.

We have approached Judit Budaházy a PE teacher, and aerobic instructor at the local University to show us short, but effective exercises that are beneficial for an office worker and can be practiced with a Mobile Phone in the hand. We have then visualized and recorded those exercises and developed a game around this idea. The game tracks and analyses the physical movement of the user's movement and compares it to the "perfect" movement, recorded at the University. Based on the results, further challenges will be unlocked.
Since the app requires movement while holding your hand, we came up with an idea of a wrist strap to protect the phone. This is just a concept plan, such real-life object does not exist.

We started to work on "5 Minutes Break" on 30.04, and the development took exactly 3 weeks. I guess it is needless to say, that it is a short timeframe. We have squeezed out everything we had, but of course we could develop much more, we could polish the app more, we could also put in more exercises, but there was no time for everything in this "challenge release" . We will further improve the app from next week on.