Gooseberry Becomes Raspberry Pi’s Rival


Just like that Raspberry Pi has become a thing of the past with this new beast, the Gooseberry. While I admit the name sounds stupid it does not portray the product.

The Gooseberry is more of a ramped up Raspberry Pi with it’s 1GHz processor, that can be overclocked to 1.5GHz, and Mali-400 GPU. Along with that it has 512MB of RAM and packs 4GB on-board storage. The specs aren’t the only advantage though, the Gooseberry will be able to run Ubuntu very well with it’s newer architecture but for now it only supports Android 4.0.

If you seem interested you can head here and it will cost you £40 and there are only 82 available so I would hurry up.

Source Engadget Via LandOfDroid