Google+ Users Very Satisfied


Google+ has 250 million users, while that may seem like a lot, Facebook has 900 million. Just because you have more doesn’t mean you are better though. The results from the latest American Customer Satisfaction IndexE-Business Report show that Google+ is far better liked by the users, than Facebook is. Google+ is actually the highest ranked social networking site out there.

Many would agree the biggest social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Among those Facebook has a score of 61. Not only has that dropped 5 points from the last score it also ranks extremely low among networks. Twitter has a 64. Google+ the reigning social network champion based on satisfied users has a 78 , which is the same score as Wikipedia.

Google+ is no where as large as Facebook but this just puts in perspective how much Facebook is slipping away and it leaves a whole for a new social networking site to move it’s way in.

Source Washington Post Via LandOfDroid