Google Search For Android Receives Update That Speeds Up Searching And Offers Country-Specific Results

googleIf you haven't notice, the Google Search app for Android received an update a little bit ago. This update is for users running Android 2.2 or 2.3 and brings some UI and performance enhancements. Once updated, this is what you'll see:

  • New color scheme and simplified UI
  • Faster, more responsive searches
  • Enhanced suggestions and query editing
  • Better localized suggestions and search results for more countries
  • Long press to remove history items

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You can also tap that little arrow to the right of a search suggestion to add it to your search term before searching, making the whole process a little faster. In addition, the whole "search results for more countries" features means that every country with a Google domain will get country-specific suggestions. Go get it, folks!

Source: AndroidPolice