Google puts dozens of apps and games at 49¢ each for Google Play promo

A new promotion has started with popular, premium apps going for 49¢ each. Titles include Sprinkle, Asphalt 6, SwiftKey X, and much more!

gplay promo

What better way to kick off your brand new initiative than to toss out a bunch of Android games and apps at discounted prices? That's exactly what Google has done here, putting 25 titles up with attractive 49¢ price tags. Although it's not the same as the 10¢ stuff that ran back in the winter we imagine there will be plenty of interest in these promotions.

We're not sure how long the deals will run nor how many developers and apps will be included but we expect to see this run through the 12th at the earliest. How do we know? Gameloft was ready to go with a press release telling us which apps will be highlighted and on which days.

Other titles listed in today's launch include Endomondo PRO, Sprinkle, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, and SwiftKey X keyboard. In fact, we're so smitten with the list that we're ready to part with a couple of bucks right now... Gotta go!

Check out the list of apps going for 49¢ today!

Via AndroidGuys