Google acquires Cleversense, coming to get Siri

Google has brought CleverSense, a company which has released an app called Alfred in to the Android Market.


The purchase of the company is Google’s attempt to begin to rival Siri, the assistant that is found on the iPhone 4s.

screenshotAlfred allows you to teach the app what sort of thing you like, such as restaurants or cafes. It then takes these suggestions and recommends places that are perfect form your specific suggestions.
You can refine your suggestions by a number of points, such as food type, dietary restrictions and distance. Once you have found a place, it shows the address and menu of the place, from which you can get directions and the ability to share the place with your friends and contacts.

You can also find places that are nearby to you, or places near where you will go in the future. It can even suggest places depending on the time of day and day of the week.

If you wish to try it for yourself, hit the market link below. One thing: It is currently only available in the US.

Market: Alfred