Google’s Upcoming Live Stream Event in NYC

Based on limited information from Google so far, the press have been invited to attend a live streaming “event” in New York on October 29th.

nexus 4

Invitations issued today were simply titled “The Play Ground is Open”, backed with a colourful image of the New York Skyline, which included shots of the Brooklyn Bridge.

In terms of content, we think it’s a safe assumption that Google will be bringing news about the expected 4.1 Jelly Bean update for Android.

The rumour mill is also in over drive at the prospect of (potentially) seeing Google’s new line of Nexus phones or a possible re-launch of the Nexus Q with improved features, but who knows?

The event itself is due to take place at Basketball City in NYC’s Pier 36 at 10am on October 29th . Some of you may have already noticed that’s the same date as the official launch of Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 8 in San Francisco. Coincidence? Probably not, Google may be aiming to steal some of Microsoft’s thunder with this one.

For those of you interested and without an invite worry not, in typical Google style the whole event will be streamed live at so check it out for yourselves, and if you happen to miss it, you know where to come to get the latest updates after the event.

Via: LandOfDroid