Getting in Sync With Your PC: A Smartphone Owner's Guide

Do you take your clothes out of the dryer and put them right back in the washer? Vacuum the floor, then pour flour on it and vacuum it all over again? It doesn’t make sense to do things twice, and that’s why you need to get your smartphone and your PC in sync.

Sync Your Smartphone

Whether you’re using a PC or a Mac, it’s possible to sync your smartphone with the rest of your system. When you’re all synced up, it’s much easier to get work done, scan emails and share all your stuff with your friends on social media sites and business associates.

  • Install the software: Your smartphone will come with a disc or a USB connecting cord that allows you to install software onto your PC. If you’ve lost either of these items, or both, go to your smartphone manufacturer’s website. There, you’ll find the software you need to download on your PC that will allow you to sync your smartphone. T-Mobile free cell phones come with a variety of accessories, including USB cords.
  • Run the program: Once the software is installed, open up the program. Wait until the program loads completely, and follow any on-screen prompts. You may be required to create a user name and password, or use the one you’ve already established on your smartphone.
  • Connect: Hard-wire the smartphone directly to your computer using a USB cable. If this isn’t an option, some smartphones have a WiFi sync option, and there are some apps that add a WiFi option to other phones.
  • Sync: Often, your smartphone will start syncing up the moment you connect it to your PC. If this doesn’t happen, look for the “sync” option within the software program that you have already opened. Do not push buttons on the smartphone while it’s syncing, or you will disrupt the process.

Sync Your Information

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The software program used by your smartphone will automatically pull some information from your computer. You may need to go into your settings to tell the program where to find your music and pictures. Once the program is set, it will always update your phone every time you sync it to the program. But you have lots of other information on your computer and smartphone that you will have to sync up manually. Thankfully, there are apps for that.


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The Evernote app can be downloaded onto multiple mobile devices and PCs. The free app allows you to take notes on your smartphone or on your PC, and it will automatically sync up on all your different devices.


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Keep your contacts synced with an app like MyPhoneExplorer. It will keep your Outlook contacts and smartphone contacts synced, so you don’t have to switch devices to find that one phone number or email address you need.

Office Mobile

Get the Office Mobile app to keep your Microsoft Office documents synced to your smartphone. Having easy access to your Office files makes it much easier to work and send files on your smartphone.

Sync your smartphone to your PC to access all your important data whenever you need it, from any device. You won’t have to repeat work or go looking for addresses, and that will save you a ton of time when you’re using your devices.