Garmin Smartphone Link Connects Your Nüvi To Your Android Device To Provide Live Traffic Info, Help Find Your Parking Space

thumbGarmin International, the world leader in satellite navigation, has announced Smartphone Link for Android, an app which allows your Android-powered device to communicate seamlessly with your nüvi via Bluetooth, enabling live traffic information, traffic cam images, weather info and fuel prices to be displayed quickly and easily.

Smartphone Link also allows your Garmin GPS to share "favorite" locations with your device, and can help forgetful users find their car in a crowded parking lot.


Unfortunately, many of the services (read all features besides live weather) provided by Smartphone Link come at a price. Live traffic will run users $19.99/year, traffic cams and fuel prices will cost a cool $9.99/yr each, and Advanced Weather (which provides 5-day forecasts, severe weather alerts, and radar images) runs at $4.99/yr.
While these features sound handy and convenient, their price tags are less than ideal, especially considering the number of free (or modestly priced) traffic and weather apps on the Android Market. Further, Garmin's app is only compatible with Bluetooth-enabled 2012 models in the nüvi line, meaning most users will need to upgrade their device before signing up for the new features. For more information, check out Garmin's official Smartphone Link page here, or download the app using the market link below.

Via Androidpolice