Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S Factory Images Released by Google

Google has decided it was time to release the source code for a few of their Nexus devices on Sprint and AT&T. Samsung just recently released source for their Galaxy S III Mini, Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Tab devices. Now its Google’s turn with source codes released for a few of theirs.

The devices that Google has released factory images for are the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint with Android 4.1.1 available, as well as Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus S 4G images for Android 4.1.1. If that wasn’t enough the factory image for Android 4.1.2 was also released for the AT&T Nexus S. With the closed source CDMA devices like Sprint uses these are nice to see since in the past it was much more difficult to obtain.

If you want to hack or mod your device follow the link below to get the image for your phone. Also these are a great way to get your Nexus devices flashed back to stock if you ever break them.

Source Links Directly from Google Developers:

Via: Android-Advice