The Future of Android Phones — What to Expect

"The next big thing is here." That's becoming a quick reality for the Android 5.0 operating system, also known as "Lollipop." Are you ready for a systems upgrade? Then take a look at the "next big thing" and what you'll be able to do on your Android 5.0 smartphone.

All-New Interface Look

android lollipop
Image via Flickr by Thomas Gehrke

The current Android 4.4 system is anything but spectacular compared to the look of Android 5.0, called Material. This Material new look gives the operating system a more modern feel. Enjoy real-time shadows on interface elements and redesigned navigation soft keys. Google apps like Gmail are getting an all-new look, too, making everything more simplistic but also clean and modern.

New Notification Functions

Users are sure to enjoy the many new notification functions offered on Lollipop. Start by customizing your notifications by choosing which ones are most important to you. For example, choose which contacts have priority over others and even set notifications to "off" during certain parts of the day. Users will also get new "heads-up" notifications that will appear as pop-ups over whatever they're doing, offering more convenience.

Along with these updates, you'll also get expanded notifications, which include text, images, and more to give you a better idea of what the notifications are all about. This will be especially useful to those users with wearable devices. Plus, you'll receive notifications on your locked home screen in a super clear fashion that makes them easier to attend to.

Improved Battery Efficiency

A battery-saving feature will extend the life of your device by 90 minutes, says Android. Along with a longer-lasting battery comes other useful battery features, too. Users will be able to see approximately how many minutes they have left of battery life, and when their device is charging, they can see how much time is left before the device will be fully charged.

Bluetooth 4.1 Support

Previous Android devices on the market work with Bluetooth 4.0. Unfortunately, that can clash with 4G signals. Bluetooth 4.1 offers more control and improved connectivity. And your Android 5.0 device will be able to work on it, making Bluetooth communication easier and more convenient than in the past.

Multi-User Functions

Have you ever been in a situation where your phone died just as you needed to access something important? Did you wish at that moment you could use someone else's phone as your own? With Android 5.0, that may just be possible. Time reports that new multi-user functions will be available, allowing you to use a friend's phone in guest mode.

You can even log in with your own Google credentials, and you'll be able to access your data and messages from a different device. You can also create different accounts on your own device so that your friends or family members can log into their accounts on your phone or tablet.

Increased Security

One really cool function of the new Android 5.0 is smartwatch authentication. Instead of typing in a password on your phone, just being in proximity to your Android smartwatch will unlock it. You can do this with other devices, too, like your car. This makes things more convenient for you while keeping your files, data, and accounts out of reach of others who use your device.

While earlier versions of Android do have encryption options, it's something that users have to do manually and may not realize is turned off. On Android 5.0, encryption is turned on by default to protect a lost or stolen device.

When Can You Get Android 5.0?

The latest version of Android is practically here and will arrive at your doorstep before the end of 2014. The Nexus 9 tablet, for example, is coming November 3, and the Nexus 6 smartphone is also due for a November release, both of which will run on Android Lollipop. Other devices like the all-new Galaxy Note 4 will be able to get these updates soon after.

Get ready for your smartphone, tablet, and Android-run wearable technology to amaze you with these awesome features. Which new features of Android Lollipop are you most excited about?