A fun way for Android and iOS fans to settle their differences

logoThe Samsung vs Apple saga is calming down a little now but fans of the two platforms have a chance to fight for their platform in the new game Fruit vs Robot. This free game tallies the scores of users from both platforms on an online leaderboard, answering the question: who's more talented -- Fruit or Robot?

pic1Fruit vs Robot allows random matches or players can challenge their friends through Facebook. Fans create their own unique avatars with hundreds of unlockable options. Team progress is tracked on the live in-game leaderboards.

"Most tech discussions seem to turn into an Android vs iPhone flamewar. We created a game so people can show there preferences while also having a good time." said Loki Davison, co-founder of Gravity Four.

pic2Unlike Song Pop or Draw Something, Fruit Vs Robot's games all happen real time, making for fast fun action. There are three different categories of games in Fruit Vs Robot: trivia, arcade and board games. The trivia games range from pop trivia to science and a lot in between. The board games include many old favourites such as Four in a Row, Checkers and Reversi.

Fruit vs Robot is now available for free in the iTunes App Store, Amazon App Store and on Google Play. Fruit vs Robot is currently available in English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Portuguese.