Fujitsu announces an Android phone for elderly people


In past, several companies have launched products which are designed especially for kids, like the MEEP. The good things about such gadgets are that they are easy to use and have a user-friendly interface. Though the Japanese brand known as Fujitsu cares about elderly people, as they launched a phone which is designed for senior citizens, as it's really hard for them to get use to with a normal smartphone just because of the complications.

Fujitsu is solving the complications by offering Android in a simplified form, like featuring larger text and buttons and only vertical scrolling, which will make it very easy to use. Fujitsu said that they had worked together with Google to design this device. It's known as the Fujitsu F-12D, and it's part of Fujitsu's RakuRaku line, and "rakuraku" means "easy". The display is entirely different from a typical touchscreen display, as elderly people face problem with such displays. Check out the video below:

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Source: SlashGear Via AndroidGuys