Free trial periods come to Google Play subscriptions

google play subscription

Android developers will find that they have yet another tool at their disposal at it pertains to consumer satisfaction and potential revenue opportunities. Available now, consumers can now take advantage of trials of in-app subscriptions, should a developer feel so inclined to offer them.

The trials to subscriptions can range from seven days on up and will automatically switch the user over to a paid account. Unless otherwise cancelled, Google Play will revert to a standard subscription and use the billing method set up by the user. It’s worth noting that the trial ends as soon as the cancellation is put into effect. In other words, don’t think you’ll go around signing up and cancelling right away in an effort to pull one over on someone.

When the trial period ends, Google Play automatically initiates billing against the credit card that the user provided during the initial purchase, at the amount set for the full subscription, and continuing at the subscription interval. If necessary, the user can cancel the subscription at any time during the trial period. In this case, Google Play marks the subscription as expired immediately, rather than waiting until the end of the trial period. The user has not paid for the trial period and so is not entitled to continued access after cancellation.

Via: AndroidGuys