Four Software to Help Your Law Frim Thrive

A law firm, just like any other business, is built upon systems and functions that are sub-optimally efficient. This was the case before the advent of software solutions, but in the post-digital era, efficiency savings can be made through a wide variety of tools only made available to businesses in the last few years. This article outlines the four most beneficial software programmes for legal firms to onboard, walking through their use cases and the benefits they’ll bring to your business. Technology opens doors for efficiency – and these doors lead to less overhead and more profits for the business.

Payroll Software

One of the major innovations in the world of business has been payroll software. This has been useful for businesses across all sectors but, in law firms in which employees and interns work fluctuating and often unreported hours, this cost-cutting and time-saving software is particularly useful. Onboarding the software with your HR team is easy, as it can plug into your current digital systems – or else, you’ll easily be able to collate your employee hours into the system, which will auto-generate payroll and hours worked data for your firm.


In a law firm, communications are utterly vital. Communications between clients and their legal representatives must be both highly secure and well-filed so they can be easily called-up by various employees. Striking this balance between security and access is one of the key challenges of law firms globally – and that’s why specific communications software has been developed to tackle this challenge. With so much activity in law firms revolving around their ability to communicate both internally and externally, encrypted and password-locked communications are incredibly important for professional and trustworthy organisations in the legal world.

Case Management

A solution more specific to law firms, case management systems can help eliminate extra costs, streamline case follow-ups, and assisting in the call-up of relevant documents to assist the legal process from start to finish. Redbrick Solutions are one such provider of this streamlining service, which helps to automate a wide variety of legal forms, bills, and other documents instead of having them laboriously written-out by employees. This, of course, frees up your highly-qualified workers to undertake more important tasks, like following up with witnesses, building a case, and communicating with the clients involved in the case at hand.


Finally, to ensure that your company cash flow is always steady and that you’re able to invoice companies with ease, and pay your employees – and your tax – some form of accounting software is absolutely vital to keeping on top of your firm’s expenses. Many legal cases involve a large number of expenses, which it’s the responsibility of the individual and the firm to price up and add into these systems to better understand the spending that each case entails. With particularly high overheads for transport, hospitality, and meetings, law firms can benefit hugely from having a reliable and centralised accounting system that works for every employee on the payroll.

Make your law firm fit for the digital age by onboarding the above technological software solutions for your business.