Five Effective Android Sleep Apps for Optimum Sleep

The fast pace of modern civilized live and the tenseness of our working day makes it difficult for us to relax and fall asleep during the night. There are many ways in which we can make our sleep deeper and more refreshing: regular exercise, cutting back on nicotine, caffeine and alcohol, spending less time in front of the TV or monitor before going to bed, and meditation, to name a few.

Android sleep apps can never take the place of these common-sense measures. But they can definitely help you fall into a better sleep cycle. Listed below are ten of the best Android apps for sleep. You don't need all of them: just take a look at what they offer and install the ones that seem most useful.

1. Sleep as Android

If you plan to install just one app in your smartphone, let it be Sleep as Android. The first version of this app performed a simple task: it noted your sleep cycles and woke you up when you were the light sleep stage. The latest avatar of the app does a lot more: it records your sleep patterns, makes the information accessible in form of simple graphics, warns you when you are not getting enough sleep and even helps you diagnose sleep diseases! Easily the best sleep app around.

2. Lightning Bug

Ambient sounds, relaxing music and white noise have all been deemed as useful for inducing sleep. Lightning Bug mixes such sounds in a way that helps you fall asleep quickly. It comes with over 200 original sound samples and loops, and it also comes with 50 soothing backgrounds and sound visualizations. If soothing sounds help you sleep better, this is a pretty good app to install.

3. Sleep Dream Relax

This is more of a relaxation app than a sleep app, but it can be extremely helpful in inducing sleep. This app has lots of naturally relaxing sounds that do not loop back. If you are simply looking for a free app that plays authentic relaxation music that helps you relax your mind and muscles through music, this app will deliver. Sleep Dream Relax is perfect for you if you simply need a slight aid to improve your sleep, but it doesn't come with many bells and whistles.

4. Music Therapy for Sound Sleep

Nature sounds, ambient sounds and Alpha waves makes Music Therapy for Sound Sleep very effective. The app uses a scientifically proven technique to help its users relax deeply and create the right attitude for sleep. It also has several elegant music themes and a simple and intuitive interface that makes the app easy to work.

5. FitBit

Are you skeptical of apps that track sleep and play some music to lull you into sleep? Have you tried them with no positive results? A more holistic approach to life and health may be more suitable to you, in that case. FitBit helps track sleep, measures your sleep cycle and wakes you up gently in the morning – the usual sleep app fare. But that is just a part of what it offers.

The app does all other kinds of tracking – it tracks your food intake, workouts, weight, and tells you how they are affecting your overall health. It helps you pinpoint lifestyle mistakes and correct them to enjoy a general well being and get good, natural sleep.

To Wrap it Up

At the end of the day, the app you choose has to fulfill your specific needs. If you are simply looking for a sleeping aid that can help you get a deeper sleep, simple apps that play relaxing music are enough. But if you are facing a serious sleeping problem, you may want to try therapeutic music apps and consider revamping your daily routine to induce good sleep at night.

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