Firefox 9 For Android Available


Mozilla has introduced Firefox version 9 to the Android Market this morning and it looks great on tablets. The new Firefox 9 has been optimized for larger screens to increase the browsing experience with a new interface.
Whats in Firefox 9 for Android:

  • New Look for Tablets – more intuitive mobile browsing on larger screens like tabs have been optimized for tablets.
  • Full Screen Portrait Browsing – tabs are listed in the top left menu and can easily be hidden to view in full screen even when in portrait orientation.
  • Tab Optimization – tabs are in a pane on the left side of the screen allowing you to still see full websites on the right side. You can swype to the left to hide tabs as well.
  • Action Bar with Quick Access Buttons – you can now access preferences, add-ons, downloads and other menu items from the new action bar. Also the back, forward and bookmark buttons are back for easy access.
  • HTML5 Input for Camera Access – developers can build mobile websites and web apps that allow you to use your camera for scanning or whatever while still surfing the net.
  • HTML5 Form Validation – the HTML5 form validation API is now supported in Firefox 9.

Download from Android Market!

Let us know what you think of Firefox 9 now that its available. We have started to mess with it but haven’t really dove into more than the main new features and will update with anything we find.