Firefox 4 for Android arrives soon

f4betaMozilla's Firefox browser will be ready in weeks, for devices with Android operating system. - said Jay Sullivan, Mozilla's Mobile Director, in Mobile World Congress 2011.

Firefox 4 for Android is currently at the fourth beta version, wich will be followed by only one beta, and maybe an 2 RC release.

This version of Mozilla's browser will also be available to Nokia Maemo too, but not for iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone or Blackberry operating systems. At the time of the release, about 150 add-ons will be available for the browser.


Mozilla's future plan is to make more than synchronization, they want to let the users, fully customize the browser. For example, the browser can automatically log in to sites, or know our bank account number.

If you want to try out the beta of this software on your PC, go to this website.