Final Fantasy III Now Fighting Dragons On Android - For $16

1Final Fantasy III, whose previously old-school fanbase has become somewhat more mobile over the past few years, has made it to the final frontier of smartphone/tablet gaming at long last: the Play Store. The game is available now - but before you get too excited, take a good, hard look at that $16 price tag.

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For those not familiar with the title, Square Enix's classic RPG sees four youngsters chosen by fate (OK, a crystal) to save the world from all sorts of evil wild beasts. As should be apparent from the screenshots, the Android version has held on to the sexy 3D graphics added to the game in 2006 - plus, Enix claims that there are "new and improved 3D visuals and story sequences" exclusive to Android. Nice.
Is it nice enough to succeed in the Play Store with a $16 price tag, though? That's questionable, especially considering Android users' tendency to drift toward free, ad-supported games. Still, the graphics are undeniably pretty, and for fans of the series, this is a must.

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Via: AndroidPolice