File not found, hello world application

Hey guys, I have recently started reading the Android SDK documentation and thought I'd give it a go. After installing Eclipse and the ADT plugin I thought I was all set. I was wrong.

Everytime I try to run my application I get file not found errors on all of the executable files in the android/tools directory. This only seems to happen with android, i've tried re-downloading many times, all files are executable so I have no idea what's wrong. Could any shed any light on this?

[haze@shirley tools]$ ls
NOTICE.txt apkbuilder draw9patch hprof-conv sqlite3
adb ddms emulator lib traceview
android dmtracedump hierarchyviewer mksdcard
[haze@shirley tools]$ emulator
bash: /home/haze/android/tools/emulator: No such file or directory

And for the Eclipse plugin I get this error:

home/haze/android/platforms/android-1.1/tools/aapt: No such file or directory


[haze@shirley ~]$ ls /home/haze/android/platforms/android-1.1/tools/
aapt aidl dexdump dx lib

I'm really confused.. and I just want to start developing