Fancy an Android powered Microwave? Meet MAID!


A company called SectorQube has claimed to make the world’s first “Android powered Microwave” they’re calling MAID or Microwave Android Integrated Device.

There aren’t many details, but it’s another crazy Android device to come out of India and the company has put nearly 20,000 RS into this project to customize Android to make it work as a microwave. The current device, which nobody has seen yet is only a prototype, but they are hoping to start mass production by december and retail for 7000-8000 RS. The prototype apparently is built by a team 0f 7 in a time-frame of 6-months.

It’s an unusual device to have Android, but we hope it’s going to be pretty cool when it launches (especially if it has an API, that’d lead to some interesting experiments).

Check out the MAID website.

Via: LandOfDriod