Evan Blass (aka @evleaks) announced he's retiring


If you’ve been reading tech news even for a short while you’ve probably heard of @evleaks. His real name is Evan Blass and he’s been feeding the tech world with all sorts of smartphone, tablet and other gadget-related leaks from his website evleaks.at.

@evleaks actually started feeding us all sorts of leaks from his Twitter handle (hence the name) first, but then he decided to open up a website several months ago. His leaks were incredibly accurate and he was one of the best leakers around, if not the best. We published a ton of his leaks here on HelloAndroid and as we said most of those panned out, his accuracy was truly impressive. Before he started leaking information he was an editor for Engadget and Pocketnow.

In a timely interview with The Next Web, Blass stated that his reasons for ending his current work were mostly financial. He said that his attempts to monetize his Twitter stream, and later his website, were not successful enough to be sustainable. You can read the entire interview at The Next Web.

Source: @evleaks, TNW