Eggies – Review of Virtual Pets from Alda Games

EggiesPerhaps you are a fan of games like Pou or old schooled Tamagotchi. There can be found various games which can fulfill player´s expectations in that genre and it seems that Alda Games provided the piece that can be added among them. It is almost more than a month ago when they released virtual pets Eggies.

On the first look the game follows the basic premise of the genre. Player´s task is showing love and care to eggs in order to keep the trustee satisfied. Basically that means feeding them in Restaurant, playing in the Playroom and keeping them in good health conditions using medicine from the Hospital. The Eggie sleeps in its own home where can use the bathroom as well. Developers also created a shop where players can decorate their eggs with various ornaments or customize the whole appearance.

So far nothing extraordinary but when the player looks closer there can be found some fine highlights. First of all, there are 9 playable mini-games in the Playroom and each update brings another. You can play short time taking games like Flappy Egg, Catch Egg where you have to avoid breaking the eggs or few puzzles training memory.

Secondly, what makes the game more attractive is the reward. Each Eggie is going to be hatch after some specific time and after that is available to put it into your virtual collection and begin hatching the next one. There are 11 cute monsters for now but again – according the Alda Games every update bring next characters.

eggies screenshot

Music is also fine, kind a fit the nature of the game but if you are tired by the sound you can just turn it off. What must be mentioned as well is the graphics. Alda Games used eye-catching hand-drawn style which in fact follows in previously released games (Save the Snail and World of Cheese) set trend.

In conclusion it can be said that the Eggies is not the edge breaking game but it offers decent portion of fun. Game is for free but you can purchase coins which can be used for buying in-game goods (food, hats etc.) or decreasing the hatching time. Just in case the player is too impatient.

You can download the game from Google Play.