[Download] Jelly Bean Play Store

Among the myriad of announcements made during yesterdays keynote, there was the announcement of magazines and the ability to rent and purchase TV shows as well as movies in the Play Store. These were obviously much needed improvements if Google wants to actually make some money of off its zero percent profit Nexus 7.


This means there will be a new Play Store rolling out soon and coming with Jelly Bean next month, but for those of you that can't wait, you can download the new Play Store right now! I'm in the UK, and installing the apk leads to no change here, so if you reside outside of the US then you're out of luck.

Hopefully Google will launch Magazines and TV Shows (along with Music) outside the US soon, with no Kindle Fire outside the US yet the Nexus 7 will sell very well if advertised correctly and Google need to capitalize on that by having all it's services available to those consumers.

It looks like it works on most, if not all devices so grab it from the source below. As someone who can't experience the new services - let us know in the comments how it shapes up!

Download link

Source: XDA Via AndroidGuys