[DOWNLOAD] Fancy Having the Kindle Fire Silk Browser for your Android Device?

silkI can’t say this one particularly makes me want to jump for joy and go straight to the download link below however for Kindle Fire users that are maybe now used to the Silk browser and have another plain Android device this will come as great news.

XDA member TyHi has finally managed to create a working port of Silk, which can be used on other Android devices, phones or tablets.

So now to the nifty how do I get it and install it part….

  • Download the pack HERE
  • Use Root Explorer to copy the lib files to /system/lib set permissions the same as the others
  • Install all of the .apks like you would side load.
  • Copy the silk apk from /data/app to /system/app
  • Reboot and enjoy

Via: Land Of Droid

Source: XDA Developers