Design the next smartphone name with Android Phone Name Generator


Considering all of the outlandish and silly names that sometimes accompany Android smartphones, they generally tend to come with similar structures. Start with a manufacturer, toss in the name and adjective, and finish it off with a suffix. Example: MOTOROLA DROID _____

A new website has been spied which helps break things down quite nicely, churning out a seemingly endless string of possibilities. If you've ever though you'd like to generate an Android phone name, then you'll enjoy the (wait for it) Android Phone Name Generator.

Using four categories with a number of variables, the APNG will provide you with a new potential Android name every time you refresh. We tried it a few times and came away chuckling at how close to the mark some of these actually sounded. Others didn't seem quite as real however they were funny nonetheless.

A few examples we came up with...

  • LG Fascinate Incredible G1 E
  • HTC Galaxy Neo
  • Sony Ericsson Amaze Touch Z X

What about you?

Source: Androidguys