Daily Steals Android Mobile Discount App

daily stealsDaily Steals is currently the best daily discount website to date with everything from Android phones and tablets to bed linens and toys. There has not been an easy way to view all of the deals available each day from your Android device until now. There have been other apps available to see Daily Steals although they seem to only work for a short time. Keep in mind that this app is an un-official Daily Steals app and is not released by Daily Steals.

Daily Steals Android App Features:

  • Simple, Easily used layout
  • Main screen shows all 5 deals for the day
  • Sub Screens show the details of each deal
  • thats it plain and simple

If you are looking for discounts on current technology, mobile devices, toys, home decor, etc. Daily Steals is a great way to find these items at enormous discounts. This app will not allow you to purchase the items due to security risks although at a glance you can decide whether or not you want to go to the website and get it.

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