CyanogenMod Has Now Been Installed On Over 2 Million Devices, Doubles Install Numbers Since January

cyanogen modIt's amazing what a new look can do for a platform, isn't it? Back in January, we reported that CyanogenMod, the most popular third-party Android ROM, reached one million unique installs. Now, a little more than four months later, that number has doubled, according to CM's stat tracker. This is huge.


For those who are curious as to how the stat counter works, here's a more detailed explanation. The short version is that unique hardware is counted, so reflashes and reinstalls don't count towards the total. From CM's site:

"The data sent includes an non-reversible encrypted hash of your IMEI or MEID, allowing us to track unique devices without compromising privacy."

Cyanogenmod has been in development for years and only reached the million install mark, which included official and unofficial installs (KANGs), just a few months ago. That the ROM has already doubled in userbase is a testament to some pretty insane growth. The new total even includes over a million official installs, so no matter how you count it, CyanogenMod is immensely popular.

It's still a drop in the pond compared to the number of Android devices in the world, which is over 300 million devices as of February (and at a rate of 850k activations a day, it's likely over 375 million by this point), but two million users can only be good for the health of the developer and enthusiast community.

Here's to another great six months. Cheers, CM Team!

Source: CM Stat Counter Via AndroidPolice