Control all kind of electronics with USB2Go


USB2Go is small, open source development board that connects external electronics with Android smartphones through micro USB port. The developers’ idea was to create a device, which is connected to the phone without the use of wireless technologies and any additional power source to reduce size, costs and complexity. Both amateur and professional users can create all sorts of gadgets in order to control the electronics in their house or just build tech toys.

The device has its own application builder software with drag and drop controls. It’s really easy to use. In this way users can create unique applications without any programming skills. For example, you can control LEDs or switch relays on and off, etc. If you are a developer, you can program USB2Go’s API with Android Studio. The developers recommend Keil uVision for ARM programming, which is free for up to 23kB program size. The device is powered by Cortex ARM. The built in USB communication support includes Android 3.1 Honeycomb API level 12 and later versions.


USB2Go family includes the device, adapter to a standalone device, Arduino extension board, relay, RGB LED and JTAG extension for debugging.

You can read more about USB2Go on Kickstarter, where you can also back the project.