Connect your Android phone to ADB wireless

When developing Android applications, you need to connect your phone to a computer, and the ADB. The cable seems the simplest way, but i'll show you a much better way: it's called adbWireless!

With this small application, you can connect your phone to the ADB via wireless network only using IP number. There is no need for cable, vendor id settings or anything else...
Important note: This application requires root permission!

1. Step: Download and install adbWireless application to your phone.


2. Step: (Unplug your phone from the computer.) Run the application, turn adbWirelss on, and notice the IP number.


3: Step: Open a prompt, and navigate to your Android SDK folder where the ADB is located (/tools or /platform-tools).
Then type: adb connect your IP:port
(It's the line, wich is given to you by the application)


4. Step: Enjoy! (Now you can connect your phone via USB for charging)

- No cable needed
- No vendor id settings or any other magic tricks needed
- It's free, and support any Android phone and version
- Easy sensor-application testing

- You need root permission