Chili or Mango - The first interactive series for smartphone

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Hi Helloandroid readers! We are really excited to announce our latest work. We made the first ever interactive series specially for smartphones.

First there was a Hungarian startup with a great idea. They decided to make the most innovative experience in the world of series. They created the scripts, shot the episodes, and found a developer company with great experience in both Android and iOS development. Yep, that was Attrecto Smartphone Solutions, the guys behind

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Now let’s see this app. The genre of the series is a romantic comedy. The story is about a guy who is a food critic, and a girl who would like to be a confectioner, but has coeliac disease. Poor little thing… Every episode is a dinner date, and the viewer has the opportunity to control the story. With Zeno, the food critic your mission on every date is to pick up the girls, and when you are playing with Lili your task is to defend yourself facing different guys who are hitting on you.

During every episode there are different decision points where you can control the events. In the first season there will be 9 episodes, and every episode stands by 15 sections, so you have 7 decision points in every episode. Basically it’s a fine transition between a movie and a game. You can even collect stars when you finish a storyline, and there are special badges and achievements too to further motivate the viewers/ players.

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This is a really nice and fun story, but technically the app is much more than this. The app is a platform for any interactive movie-like content. We are using a cloud server which serves the mobile clients with the videos. We created an admin interface, so there’s no developer needed to update the content. The app is literally a publisher interface which enables the operators to publish any kind of video content with multiple decision points. The platform is fully customizable, so the decision tree can be expanded. Thanks to this the operators can upload fun interactive commercials, or even a feature-lenght movie.

You can watch Chili or Mango in the official FilmDrops app, which is available in the Google Play and the App Store.
For more info visit the Facebook page of Chili or Mango, or the FilmDrops website.

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PS.: For now the app can be downloaded only in Hungary, but the guys at FilmDrops are working hard to make it available internationally as soon as possibe. Drop a comment if you would like to see this app in your country, and we will let you know about the international release date :)