Chameleon Launcher Expecting An Update

chameleon launcher

Remember Chameleon Launcher? If you don’t, Chameleon Launcher is the launcher that completely redefines how you look at your home screen. Chameleon, run by Teknision, lets users change up their home screens based on their locations and moods. Users have the ability to choose different interactive widgets to place on their tablet’s home screen for easy access. When Chameleon first launched, it didn’t have all of the widgets and features that people wanted. So, thankfully, Teknision has listened to their consumers, and they have pushed out an update.

The update has many new features and promises. Update version 0.8.0 will include Facebook, Clock and Switches. However, the Teknision team has promised that they will include more widgets in a later release. Here is what Teknision has said:

New Release Coming out Today!

Good news everybody; we have a nice update today with lots of bug fixes and a few new widgets. Look out for v0.8.0 later this afternoon!

We Want Widgets!

Everyone is looking for more widgets; and they are coming, Today we will be releasing Facebook, Clock and Switches. But that is not all! Their are more widgets coming after that. The complete list of (10+) widgets that will be published for the V1.0.0 release are below:

  • Calendar
  • Clock
  • Facebook
  • Gmail
  • Google +
  • Instagram
  • Media Player
  • RSS Reader
  • Switches
  • Weather
  • YouTube (Instead of Netflix as the NF API was severely limited in functionality)

After the release, we will not be done by any means. We have more widgets coming and will be opening up the API so other companies can create widgets as well.

Would you look at that? It looks like users will soon get a taste of a Google+ widget for their home screens!

If you weren’t a part of the Beta, have no fear. Teknision has stated that the full release will be on September 14th. So, keep an eye out for that!

Via LandOfDroid