Calendar 4U

A calendar app made for you. It puts scheduling back in your hands while allowing you to personalize events with pictures, audio and notes. It also goes one step further by providing quick action tools to Call, Text, Email, Map when a reminder alert pops up.

Imagine waking up to a ringtone that sings happy birthday and when you look at your phone, on the "Reminder", is a picture of the birthday girl or boy. Isn’t that nice!

• Intuitive, easy and rich
• Customize backgrounds for each month
• Just a few taps to add an event
• Personalize an event with a picture or an audio
• Integrates Google maps to an event location
• Address book lookup to add a contact to an event
• Sync with Google calendar
• Quick action from an alert – Call, Text, Email, Maps
. Robust search function to find events

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